Monday, August 30, 2010

Three's A Party- A Fattening, Expensive One

If you haven't already seen the Santa Rosalia post, please do so, or you'll be missing the best part of this story!

This was my chicken empanada en route back to the house. I hadn't eaten anything all day and I was starving out of my mind. I couldn't even wait to get the stuff home, but I also wanted a pic of it before it was gone. So this was me balancing the food, Tammy's mom's pizza and taking the picture all at once. Am I just the man or what? lol

Yeah, she got pizza. We were at a place she could have gotten a variety of awesome dishes that wouldn't be around much longer, and all she wanted was pizza. That's like being in Italy and ordering Chinese food. The way she explained it was that in New Hampshire, the pizza sucks. Well, doy. If you've been spoiled to Brooklyn pizza your whole life, no other place outside of it will fill that void. Ever. You'll just be living in a....pathetic...pizzaless...existence. Without decent pizza. Forever. Deal with it.

Tammy ordered the sausage and peppers on a roll, which might I say looked delicious. I would have if I could have, believe me.

*Gasp* But what's this??

Then her hero took a twisted turn into a dark corner I wasn't prepared for....she added... sliced cheese? Really?? Eew.

Noooo! This is so wrong. If anyone ever figures out what's mentally off with that girl, could you please clue me in? Thanks.

She had one of these too, and I'm glad she enjoyed because holy crap on a stick, they were $4 a piece. Hardly seems worth it, especially when you have to slather it in mustard first.

I had another empanada left, and I wanted to eat it but there was more pressing business to attend to.

Oh, hell yeah. The moment I've been waiting all year for has finally arrived. *Mouth watering* ZEPPOLES!! Crispy, doughy, sugary, sweet, oily, deep fried mother fucking GODLINESS!! And I didn't just have one, I managed to finish two of them. /=D

Oh yes. We had some deep fried oreos too. Tams asked for 12 of them, actually. But I didn't hate my arteries that much, I just had one. It was sinful, and between that and the other fried food, it sat in my stomach like a giant cinderblock. *sniffles*

 Yes. Yes it was. Last night was like an episode of Man vs. Food and the food kicked my ass. It was cruel, divine, downright abusive and made me throw up a little, but I would do it all again.

But wait, folks, that's not all! Remember that dessert stand? Yeah, I got myself a little chocolate covered treat. I figured it was my last day of splurging, so what the hell!!

I got a stick of chocolate covered strawberries, and just to go out with an extra bang, I got me one of these too...

Oh yeah, that's chocolate covered pineapple chunks with peanut dusting on it.

As much as I wanted to nom these up, this is quite literally as far as I got before my stomach reached critical mass. I sat for almost a half hour because I couldn't move. So disappointing. I eventually waddled over to Dani's and promised I'd bring what was left over to her house so it wouldn't go to waste.

And that, my loyal readers, is it. I will be a good boy from now on. I will exercise, stick to my diet, shape up and fly right from here on in. But thanks to this blog, I can relive these memories whenever I want. I tell ya, it'll sure be a lot easier on my poor stomach.

 *Belch* As it stands, I never want to eat another thing as long as I live. We'll see how long that lasts once I start feeling better.

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