Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bread Dough- An Escape

Things have gotten really complicated here. I broke up with Tammy but she has nowhere else to go and her mom can't afford to move her, so she begged me to keep her for 3 months until she gets her inheritance. In the meantime, things are tense and awkward, so I try not to socialize. Last night instead of having to deal with life and all the bullshit I've let myself get into, I buried myself into my cooking. I mean I went really out there, more than I usually do because I absolutely did not want to interact. I've never been very good at making doughs by hand, but I didn't have much to lose so last night I gave home made chicken and broccoli bundles a try. I had no money to go out and buy dough, so I needed to make it. But what's this? No rolling pin? Of course not, I never make my own doughs so why would I own one? A good substitute in a bind is a wine bottle.


Once they're a decent size, you put a bit of filling in, close 'em up, making sure to leave a few vent holes in the top...

Brushing the top with some olive oil and parsley for color, bake at 350 for 40 minutes (because it takes about that long to clean up the mess of flour you just made of the kitchen) and when they're done...

I gotta admit, they weren't half bad.

It didn't look half bad either.

And look, even what's his face from Buffy liked the looks of it.

The dough needed a lot of work, but practice does make perfect. I'm not even really sure of the measurements I used but I can tell you what went into it:

AP Flour, obviously 
Chicken stock
2 eggs
A packet of chicken and mushroom powder from a ramen soup package
Sugar, salt, pepper 
Lots of vegetable oil

I wrapped it up in cling wrap and left it to set in the fridge for about a half hour before rolling it. And no, I wasn't following a recipe, I was just throwing shit together which is why it came out as bland as it did. If I had to do it over, I would add cold butter and baking powder. 

 This was a healthy experiment. I think next time I will attempt to tackle Native American frybread. =)

Anyway, this has been How To Avoid Facing Life For Two Hours 101. Next time I'll teach you how to make an incendiary device  using orange juice concentrate. I'm kidding, ain't no way the feds are breaking down MY door, go look that shit up yourself.

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  1. Hi Mal,
    Yes, of course you can post the recipe along with credit and a link once you make it. The more people cook, the better! Let me know how they turn out.