Friday, July 30, 2010

Cindy's Slammin Sweet & Sour Sauce

My friend cindy and I had a short YIM conversation today and what, of all things did we discuss? Food...of course. Specifically a great idea for a sauce that involved chili sauce and grape jelly. Well, I just happened to have steaks defrosted, so I gave it a shot with what I had in the house.

Yeah, as you can imagine, my selection was a bit limited. Tams and I went to the store specifically looking for chili sauce but we couldn't find it. So what I did was mix the franks red hot with the seedless raspberry jam. But it was way too hot and honestly, quite gross. Even adding a bit of maraschino cherry liquid didn't help it, the franks just made it unbearable to me. So I added the only thing I could think of to cut down the heat.

If you've never tried chinese 5 spice powder, I would definitely suggest you do so. It just makes everything so balanced and aromatic, if you ask me, this is what tied the sauce together more than anything else.

It ended up really thin so I heated it up and added some corn starch. Pay no attention to how dirty my stove is. (Or blame Tammy lol) 

On top of the sauce, I added some garlic powder and dried parsley, which is the green you see there. I also sprinkled some onion on top of it for shits and giggles. Popped that sucker into the preheated 375F oven and 25 minutes later, dinner was served!

Huzzah! These were so good. I served these with a cauliflower dish I found on grouprecipes, 
This is what Ttaaccoo calls Low Carb Bakers Wifes Cauliflower and Potatoes. Check it out, try it and let me (or her) know what you think! But above all, you need to try cindy's sauce on something. This completely owned. At first when I told Tammy about this she was like "eew" but she gobbled that shit up like I hadn't fed her in weeks. lol Enjoy this as much as we did!!

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