Monday, May 24, 2010

Join The Revolution!

Huntington, West Virginia: The most obese, unhealthy city in the most obese, unhealthy country in the world. More than half of Huntington's residents are morbidly overweight, and suffer a myriad of life-threatening ailments due to that weight. Not just the adults, but the children. The elementary schools serve frozen pizza for breakfast, then fat-fried chicken nuggets and french fries for lunch. Then they go home and have loads of junk or fast food with their families. Teens are developing Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and spots on their liver. People are dying 15-30 years earlier than they have to, and the local funeral parlors have caskets three times the size of normal ones that take up two grave plots simply to accommodate the enormous sizes of the corpses.

One day, Jamie Oliver, U.K.'s "Naked Chef" read about this phenomenon and decided enough was enough. So he took a three-month trip to Huntington and proceeded to turn their entire way of life around 360 degrees.

He taught them how to make quick, simple recipes that uses fresh, not processed ingredients. He also taught them exactly what was in the crap they were eating, as this next video will show you.
What you see here will shock you. I saw this and vowed never to eat a chicken nugget again as long as I live. I got home, wrenched them out of the fridge and tried to throw them out but I couldn't- because my family was poor and I was taught to never ever waste food!! But seriously, can this even be considered food?

If you can't see this video, the link to it is here.
By the way, Jamie does that little show and tell session all the time in the U.K. and it works with 100% of the kids, they see how it's made and they get it through their heads it's nasty and they shouldn't eat it. When the american kids raised their hands, however, Jamie was absolutely floored. He asked them why they'd still eat it and all they could say was, "We're hungry."

The end result of the show was they got a public elementary school and a public high school to completely change their menus to all fresh ingredients, and you know what? The kids absolutely loved it. The local CEOs of the hospitals gave tons of money to help keep the program open long after Jamie left. Since then, our Naked Chef has been going all around the country getting people to sign a petition that would help make the fresh foods option a reality for ALL public schools in the entire nation. I'm asking all of you, even if you don't live here, if you care about the future generation, please at least pass this website along, or spread awareness about the program.

This is the first generation that is expected to live shorter lives than us because of all the additives and harmful chemicals we put in our food. Doesn't that bother you? Do something. Cooking should be an act of love. Shoving a processed slate of frozen pizza into the microwave for your child is an act of hate. Cooking at home is simple, fun and it brings a family together. It's a value that seems to be lost on today's generation, and all I'm looking to do is help get it jump-started again.
Sign the Petition.
For me, for today's youth and for your own peace of mind. Thank you.

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