Friday, October 15, 2010

This New-Fangled Cone Craze

This is something I found on that could be the perfect addendum to my Top 11 Most Bizzare Pizzas entry:

Pizza Cones, courtesy of Crispy Cones: the future of portable food. Essentially, this is just a glob of pizza toppings in a thick pastry cone that is supposed to be yet another way to eat like crap on the go. For all of you that are thinking, what the fuck??

This the fuck.
Look... LOOK at all that oily cheese just barely being contained by that starchy monstrosity. Are you kidding me? I'd be scared to death to eat this in public, lest I end up wearing most of it. I must admit, they do look kind of tasty though.... hmmm.

From what I've read, these babies come in several different sizes, they can vary from savory to fatty and even sweet with dessert fillings. After doing some research on similar concepts, I found the Delicone, which was created by a guy named George Robinson in 2003 as a way to fight obesity and create foods that will be healthier for the environment. See? That I can get behind.
This whole scenario smells like a copyright infringement to me. Not only that, but apparently, this food in a cone craze has taken off in Korea. I'd say alfredo in a waffle cone surprises me, but not much truly does anymore.

 And in the UK as well.... somebody labeled this, "British ice cream". I'm not surprised. Yuck!

But not for nothing, some of these cone recipes don't look half bad. This is a link to what Wild mushroom risotto in Parmesan cone canap├ęs look like. I'm not much for parmesan cheese, but dayum, I want some of that.

 Everyone these days is jumping onto the cone crazy gravy train. A Daily News article from earlier in the year told us of the grand opening of K! Pizzacone in midtown Manhattan. It's a fast food joint that specializes in portable pizzas, and comes complete with an endless self-topping station. This place is just a short subway ride away, I might be inclined to check it out one day, just to say that I've tried it. This article makes a joke about filling an ice cream truck with these things, and I find myself thinking it might not be such a bad idea, on two conditions:

1. There needs to be healthier options. i.e. Whole grain or buckwheat crust, organic tomato sauce, lowfat cheese, filled with fresh chicken and veggies. Mmm, awesome. Maybe something in the gluten-free variety for those with Celiac or Sprue.

2. The truck should be available at all hours of the night. That would be nice for me, since my lunch break is at 3am and my only options at that time are a crappy corner deli and 7-11.

Give them time, I'm sure those options will be available soon enough. For the time being, I can always attempt to make my own. Or I could just enjoy the wide array of cones that are already at my disposal.  Hey, you should try this too, it could be interesting. Then be sure to blog about it. =)

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