Friday, April 20, 2012

Carnegie John's Tonight-- Hell to the Yeah!

Meeting a friend in midtown tonight while attempting to have a social life outside of work. We're gonna get our grub on and sit and relax in central park, so here's to hoping it doesn't spontaneously rain like it did wednesday. And since I failed to write a review on the village pourhouse, I will be most def. be reviewing this beloved street food stand that everyone is talking about. (The Pourhouse had excellent food, by the way, but my gawd was it loud and stuffy in there!! However, they are the only game in town that collects for the MS Foundation so they get a free pass from me. Absolutely try them!!)

I still can't believe I have so many subscribers. And I just learned how many of you awesome folks have commented on my inane shit while I was away being too poor to afford internet. So I'll try to give you something worthwhile to comment on. Seriously, thank you. You guys kick ass.

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