Saturday, May 21, 2011

Holy Shit, I Have Followers??

Seriously? Crap, now I have to do more cooking. I live alone now because Tammy is FINALLY gone and since I hate cooking for myself I simply haven't... but that's no excuse. I'll get my ass back into the kitchen and whip up something more elaborate than ramen noodles and newman's own cereal sometime during my upcoming vacation in early june. I recently got a bread machine in order to strengthen one of my major culinary weak points. I plan on doing this challah recipe very soon for the birthday of a new...errmmm, friend? Yeah, it kinda is what you think, and he'll be joining me on a trip to Gateway To The Nations Pow-Wow in two weeks, which is somewhere I haven't been in years. Oh, the music! Oh, the dancing! And of course-- Oh, the FOOD! You know I'll be doing a blog on those amazing caribou burgers, Navajo Tacos, alligator meat and marinated venison steaks. This is gonna kick so much ass. Stay tuned!!

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