Thursday, August 11, 2011


Our bunch of coconuts are not lovely. Scientists did a study on my favorite drink, coconut water, which is what I turned to when I changed up my eating habits. It promises tons of nutrition, with rehydration and electrolyte recharging abilities to rival sports drinks. Turns out it's a giant scam just like everything else. I knew something was off the second Rihanna got involved with the Vita Coco advertising campaign. At least Zico passed the test, but I haven't seen that stuff anywhere but Trader Joe's... and it's never refridgerated and always such a trek for me to get there. Despite all this shock and disappointment, I'm still going to drink my coconut milk because it contains medium chain triglycerides which burns as energy and drinking it has helped me lose a ton of weight. It's also good for the heart and has been touted to help those with kidney disease. All that crap you heard in the past about coconut oil being unhealthy is only valid if the oil has been hydrogenated.

So yeah, this is the article. I guess now this means I need to make a trip to Trader Joe's instead of just going to the corner store for my Vita Coco, which is apparently just sugar water. *Sigh*

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